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12 x 8 Garden Sheds

Garden sheds come in all shapes and sizes from very modest ones to much larger sheds that could easily be confused with the lower half of a terraced home. Whatever it is you’re looking for however, we guarantee you won’t find a better choice or better quality build than right here at Project Timber. One of our more popular choices, 12×8 garden sheds are flying out the door and we can see why too.

12×8 sized sheds in particular offer you a great amount of space to store everything from your lawn mower to your entire family’s collection of bicycles without taking up too large a footprint in your garden. This means you get fantastic storage space while still getting to enjoy what you love most about your garden, the outdoors. For more information on our 12×8 garden sheds, that come complete with a 30 day returns policy as well as a professional assembly service should you need it, simply contact us today.

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