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Garden Offices

Why not enjoy your garden whilst running your business with a stunning Project Timber garden office. Designed to suit all of your needs, our wooden garden offices are also available in various shiplap thicknesses to offer usability all year round. Adding double glazing ensures your home garden office will support you and your business whilst you grow.

No matter the size of your garden, our garden offices for sale will suit your needs. We provide the best value for your money because we only use the highest quality materials at affordable pricing. Free shipping in mainland UK.

A huge fine selection of pressured treated Garden Offices for your perusing pleasure. It doesn’t matter if you need a garden office, garden storage, or just a place to escape a passing rain shower, we have the perfect storage solution for you.

You’ll find that treated timber will outlast any number of wooden sheds you have owned in the past. The process of pressure treating wood involves impregnating the timber with a special wood preservative. This is done by placing the wood within a cylinder filled with the wood preservative. The end result is a hard-wearing pressure treated timber that’s used to construct amazingly durable sheds.

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