Hobbyist D100 “Tall” Apex Shed – Pressure Treated

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High Quality Materials

Pressure Treated timber and tongue and groove construction.

25 year Anti Rot Guarantee*

Treated to protect against fungal decay and rot

D100 Custom Shed


Optional items

Choose Your Panel Positions

The D100 is a fully configurable building, which means you can choose exactly how you want your building to look from our selection of front panel and side panel options. You can choose from Central Doors, Offset Doors, Windowed or Windowless. We also offer multiple side panel options.

Perfect Garden Storage

The D100 Custom Shed is an ideal storage space and a workspace in your garden. You can fully tailor your building to exactly how you want, making it even more suitable for your requirements. We offer a wide range of upgrade options to choose from such as floor and roof covering options which give you even more customisation.

Evolution Insulated Garden Office
Fully Insulated

Windowed or Windowless

If you want a windowed workspace or a windowless storage space you can choose our windowed or windowless option. We also offer fixed or opening windows for extra ventilation in the hotter months.

Choose from Central Doors or Offset Doors

If you want your doors in the centre for access to all of your building, or offset for a larger enclosed space, you can choose from offset or central doors from our options.

Hand Crafted
Team Hard Work

Choose Your Side Panels

For another level of customisation, you can also choose from one of our side options, where you can add extra side windows or even a double door if you need extra access to your building.

Tall Opening Double Doors

The D100 comes with 4ft wide double doors and a 1.63m door height, giving you more room in your building and larger access space for storing those larger items. Our doors are also diagonally braced and come with tower bolt locking.

Insulated Metal Roof
Team Hard Work

Pre-Assembled Modular Panels that fit through a standard UK door.

Your shed is constructed from pre-assembled modular panels that are designed to fit through a standard UK door, which means you can easily transport your building to the back of your garden, and even through your house if needed.

All Weather Protection

Our signature black mineral felt is included as standard which provides excellent weather protection for your building. However, if you are looking for a roof covering option that will last the lifespan of your building and is fully waterproof, then our EDPM rubber roof is the best option.

Insulated Metal Roof
Team Hard Work

Window Options Available

If you have chosen the windowed version, you can choose from having the standard fixed windows or you can upgrade to our opening windows for extra ventilation in the summer months.

Tongue and Groove Roof and Floor as Standard

Our 11mm tongue and groove roof and floor are made from engineered boards that slot together, giving your building increased weather protection and they are fully pressure treated. You can also upgrade your floor thickness if you are storing heavier items.

Both the Fixed and Opening window options come with shatter-resistant styrene glazing as standard.

Insulated Metal Roof
Team Hard Work

Shelving Options Available

If you are planning to store a lot of smaller items in your building, such as tools, paint tins, gardening items etc. then our shelving options give you all the extra storage space you need and help to keep your building neat and tidy.

25-Year Anti-rot Guarantee*

The D100 Custom Shed is fully pressure treated, which means it is extra protected from the elements and also lower in maintenance. We pressure treat all of our timber at our facility where the treatment penetrates deep into the timber to provide protection from rot and decay in the inside and outer covering.

Insulated Metal Roof
Team Hard Work

Stronger and more Durable

For a stronger and more durable shed, we double up our framing where the panels join, which gives your building more vertical strength and rigidity.

Wide Range of Sizes Available

We offer a full range of small, medium and large shed sizes for you to choose from, depending on your requirements and the size of your garden.

Insulated Metal Roof
Team Hard Work

Simple Assembly

Your building comes flat-packed and is delivered to your door for a kerbside delivery. We provide all of the fixtures and fittings and simple stage-by-stage assembly instructions. You will need basic DIY knowledge and 2 people to assemble your building.