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Top Tips for maintaining your garden shed!

By Arjay Tolentino

1. Clear the surroundings from debris.

  • Keeping the surroundings clear and maintained will help protect your building from rot and decay.
  • Be sure to remove any soil or plants from around the base.
  • Clean off dirt and plants that will hold moisture to the surface of the wood, which could lead to rot and fungal decay.

2. Regularly check the roof covering.

  • If the roof has moss growing on it, make sure you clean it off with a moss killer as this will hold water and create problems in the future.
  • Keep the roof of any twigs or branches that have fallen onto the roof.
  • Having an EPDM rubber roof will mean you won’t need to change the roof covering and is maintenance free.

3. Add guttering to your shed.

  • Adding guttering will allow the rain water to drain from the roof and keep the building in good condition.
  • Guttering is also a great way to collect rainwater in a water butt for your plants in the dryer months.

4. Regularly treat your shed.

  • Apply a wood stain or treatment to help keep the wood in good condition and protect it from weather conditions and other elements.
  • Treating your building annually is required to maintain its warranty.

5. Keep it repaired.

  • Keeping any water ingress out of your shed is essential to increase its longevity.
  • You can use wood filler for any gaps or splits which may occur, or even extra treatment where the boards move apart in the summer months.
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