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Garden Bar Ideas

Having a bar in your garden is becoming more and more popular, and there are lots of great reasons as to why! They provide a great entertainment source for having friends and family over, and can also increase the value of your house, as well as being enjoyable and useful for yourself.

How to make a garden bar

  1. The Garden Bar: We would recommend using one of our fully insulated garden rooms, although you can use our standard non-insulated buildings, an insulated garden room will be more suitable to use all year round, is a more premium product and good for temperature regulation. We also recommend adding a laminate floor.
    • Using a fully insulated garden room is recommended
    • Be able to use your bar all year round
    • Add laminate flooring for a professional finish

  2. Furnish it with bar furniture, such as bar stools, a bar-top counter,, fridges, drink selections, a TV, a sofa and some cool lighting! Adding a neon sign or fairy lights will give your garden bar that extra wow factory. Use a premium paint to give your garden bar a smooth finish, you can be colourful or minimal depending on your taste.
    • Furnish with a bar counter, stools and a mini fridge
    • Add the wow factor with extra lighting

  3. Make sure you plan out your garden bar well, create a mood board from inspiration from sites such as instagram or interest, for the look you are trying to achieve.
    • Use mood boards to plan out your garden bar beforehand
    • Create your bar to your own style

  4. Add all the essential bar accessories – glasses, coasters, games and a cocktail shaker are on our list!
    • Impress your friends with all the accessories such as cocktail shakers and games

Now enjoy your garden parties with your new bar!

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