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Nine Ideas for Decorating a Summerhouse

If you’re looking for the perfect getaway to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life than a summerhouse is an ideal choice. Quiet, quaint, and an overall great investment summerhouses provide a personalised space you can decorate and call your own.

There are dozens of design ideas for summerhouse. You can go for the clean and stylish look, or a more contemporary theme. The decision is yours! If you’re having problems getting your creative juices flowing than we have a solution. Check out our 9 ideas for decorating a summerhouse!

1) Woodland Retreat design

Are you a nature lover? Than decorating your summerhouse as a woodland retreat is a great idea. Go for an all-natural aesthetic by coating the exterior of your summerhouse with a natural wood stain. Consider hanging flower baskets on the front deck to add a few contrasting colours and textures.

Bring the forest inside of your summerhouse by choosing moss green or brown fabrics. Another cool way to complete the immersion is to buy forest themed accessories, such as animal themed kitchenware. You’re really only limited by your imagination. Also think about the colour of your curtains, sheets, and pillows. The right colour scheme can truly transform yoursummerhouse into a woodland wonderland.

2) Solid colour design

Sometimes simple is the best option. Why don’t you try painting your summerhouse a single colour? Shades such as light blue are known for their ability to put people at ease. Whatever colour you choose, considerer balancing out the spectrum by painting the trims of the door and windows a complementary colour.

Try to avoid heavy or dark colours especially if you want to exude a relaxed atmosphere. Go with a lighter colour scheme to keep things unique and interesting. Find pillows, sheets, and other fabrics that are the same colour as the exterior of your summerhouse to complete the transformation.  As a bonus, think about adding flowers to add some variety.

3) Beach Hut design

Are you a fan of the beach, but don’t near live near the coast? Bring a piece of the beach to your home by decorating your summerhouse with a fun beach theme! Think of colour pallets that epitomise beach life such as blue, white and green (just like the ocean). Consider hunting down  fabric that has beach themes embroidered onto the material. Then you can throw in some brightly coloured covers, pillows, and tablecloths to brighten the room up.

If you really want to get authentic decorate your summerhouse with shells that you find at the beach. Don’t forget the deck chairs to complete the transformation!

4) English Garden Design

There’s something special about an English country garden. They’re quaint, quiet and peaceful. Go with a summerhouse design that matches this tranquil atmosphere. Consider painting the exterior of your summerhouse a shade of blue or another soft colour, using complementary colours to highlight the door and window frames.

You can give your summerhouse an even more inviting appearance by arranging potted plants and flowers along the front deck. Get creative with your presentation. For example, an unused stepladder tucked away near the front of your summerhouse could provide the perfect platform to display your plants and flowers. Experiment and see what types of ideas you come up with.

5) The entertainer design

Are you a natural born entertainer? Then this is probably the design for you. Sometimes you don’t need a ton of space to entertain guests — a simple corner of your summerhouse may be all you need.

Transforming your summerhouse into a place to entertain family and friends isn’t difficult. Add some comfy garden furniture to provide a place for people to sit back and kick up their feet. You can also add in some evening lights to make the space more friendly and inviting no matter what time of day it is. Throw in a sound system so you can play music in the background and you’re all set to start entertaining!

6) Vintage design

A vintage style summerhouse is perfect if you’re trying to go for a more relaxed style. This type of design isn’t that difficult to replicate. Use light, soft colours such as pastel green, cream or light pink as you paint the interior and exterior of your summerhouse.

Complete the look by finding antique vases and old jugs that you can fill with flowers. Not only will this add a splash of color to the interior, but you’ll also be sticking with the overall vintage theme.

On a final note you can find all sorts of vintage items to decorate your summerhouse in thrift stores and old junkyards. After a good bit of spit polish you can have an entire arrangement of cheap vintage items on display.

7) The decked out interior design

Why don’t you go with more of a surprise factor to really wow your guests? For example, the outside of your summerhouse can be unassuming and straightforward, but when you step inside, you’ll find a fully decked out interior complete with a mini fridge, a small bar, a TV set, and couches. These are all just helpful ideas of course, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing the look of surprise on a guests face when they step inside into a completely decked out summerhouse.

The simplicity of the exterior combined with the decked interior will provide your guests with the best of both worlds. It also gives you something to brag about to your friends!

8) Teenage hangout

The teenage years are often the most challenging aspect of adolescence. Give your teenager the space they need by making your summerhouse a hangout. This can be a fun project for the entire family. Let the teens pick out what type of furniture and colour scheme they prefer.

Once you’ve taken care of the basics, call in a professional to run some electricity to the building so your teen can have access to television, Wi-Fi, video games, and much more. Ultimately you want your teen to be happy with the end result.

9) Contemporary design

Contemporary decorations are all about using the trendiest and most modern designs to truly modernise your summerhouse. Make sure the summerhouse itself has a modern aesthetic, and give it a fresh coat of paint that complements the surrounding garden well.

You can get really creative with the interior. Go for a timeless look by throwing in a dark brown or black table along with a few reclining chairs. Add brightly coloured cushions for some contrast, and you’re definitely in business.

If you’re truly going for the contemporary look and feel, consider adding a spotlight along with some speakers so you can pump your music whenever you’re in the mood. Throw some solar lights on the exterior of your summerhouseto keep the front-lit while being eco-friendly.

Important tips when decorating a summerhouse

  • Don’t just paint your summerhouse a random colour. Choose colours that compliment your garden.
  • Don’t spend all of your money on brand new furnishings. You can easily clean up old furniture that you find at yard sales and thrift stores.
  • Don’t neglect the floor of your summerhouse. Carpets are an inexpensive way to keep your floors nice and clean.
  • Don’t be afraid to entertain with folding chairs and tables. They’re lightweight and easy to transport to and fro.
  • Use furniture that can be used both indoors and out.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve gleaned all types of design ideas from our list. If you’re still unsure of how to go about decorating your summerhouse don’t be afraid to mix and match a few of these ideas together.

Finally, don’t stress. Designing your summerhouse is supposed to be a fun and relaxing project. Approaching it with this type of mindset will make the process of decorating your summerhouse that much more rewarding!

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