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The My Den Work from Home Garden Office

The My Den Work from Home Garden Office

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At Project Timber we offer unique home garden office for customers to create their perfect work from home space.

Working from home is becoming more and more popular with companies changing the way their employees work since the COVID pandemic. Working from home does have its cons, especially if you have to work from a bedroom or on the sofa. It’s time to make a positive change with dedicated office space, having a reliable place for work will massively help your productivity.

We offer multiple garden room’s for the perfect home offices. Let’s introduce the My Den, a Multifunctional Home Office / Hobby room in the privacy of your garden. It is compact, attractive and quick to assemble.

The My Den is an ideal solution for working from a home garden office, which can also have multiple uses, such as a games room, music room, summerhouse or a place to relax.

A Home Office:

The My Den is perfect to use as a home office. Furnish it with a desk, computer and a rug – you’ve got yourself a comfortable private working space with no home distractions from the comfort of your garden, keeping those commuting costs to a minimum. The My Den is also suitable for your own beauty room such as a nail or eyelash salon.

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A Hobby Room:

If you don’t work from home and find yourself commuting into a workplace throughout the week, you can use the My Den Garden Office as a private space to relax. You can use it as a hobby room for example such as arts and crafts. After a stressful day at work, the last thing you want is coming home and having house chores to do or sharing the tv, or loud noises. You can take yourself away from those distractions to enjoy some downtime to rewind.

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A Gaming Room:

If you are an avid gamer, having your own space makes your whole experience even more immersive, without having to worry about noise or any interruptions to your gaming. With your own My Den, you have your own private space away from your house, away from distractions and also less distractions for other family members!

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A Music Room:

Having your own space for a music room away from your house is certainly a no-brainer. With the space you need for music equipment and even sound proofing, you can practise or record in the comfort of your own garden room, without any distractions. With double glazing as standard and a uPVC door as standard, you can be sure that any escaping sound will be kept to a minimum so even your neighbours will be happy!

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Fully Insulated

The My Den is suitable for all year round use, it comes fully insulated with our high performance multi-foil insulation. Our multi-foil insulation has multiple layers which lock the temperature in the colder months and deflects the heat in the warmer months. It also comes with a heavy-duty fully insulated metal roof as well.

The My Den is quick and easy to install. We pre-assemble and pre-insulate the building panels so you can simply fix them together, saving you assembly time and money. The walls are also internally clad with our white MDF internal cladding, giving your building a modern finish which you can paint to create your own style.

Premium Quality

For a garden office that will last you years to come, the My Den has been specially designed to have increased weather protection. It has our signature secret nail pressure treated cladding, giving your building a smooth premium finish whilst being protected from rot and decay. It is also constructed with our thicker 27mm x 44mm framing that gives your building extra strength and rigidity. Our metal roof is also our most durable and heavy duty roof option we offer on our garden buildings, so you can be sure your building is truly built to last.

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