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Top 10 reasons for a workshop shed

1. Have your own workspace in your garden, away from distractions

  • Having your own separate space helps keep noise levels away from your house
  • Add double glazing for an even quieter place to work

2. A perfect place for DIY enthusiasts or hobbyists

  • Save money by being able to work on your own projects yourself
  • No need to travel or hire tradesmen who have the space for larger equipment

3. More space. Free up space in your house and garden from tools and storage units

  • From a small DIY space to a large workshop, we can cater for all your requirements
  • Have a tidier house and garden with all your tools stored neatly away in one place

4. More storage space for those bigger projects

  • Workshop sheds come in a wide range of sizes, perfect for maximising under cover storage space in your garden
  • Free up space in your garage

5. Multipurpose space for a private, dedicated work space or even a man cave

  • Workshop sheds are very veralise on how you can use them, whether its a mechanical fixing workspace or a hobby area to make and build things in your spare time, they are great for having a separate, dedicated space away from home distractions

6. Safe and secure. Lock away your garden items to prevent theft

  • You can secure your shed with appropriate locks so you don’t have to worry about your belongings being stolen

7. Add value to your home and make it more desirable for buyers

  • Having a garden shed is a great way to show off your garden for potential buyers and a great extra to have in a garden, it is appealing for buyers to start picturing how they would use it and imagine what to store in it, such as a BBQ, wheelbarrow, bikes etc.

8. Get creative. Your own space to decorate how you like

  • A workshop is a great way to bring out your artistic side and decorate it with paint, separate from the house so you can let loose on your individual style.
  • You can make your garden shed look stylish and stand out in the garden

9. Get green. Use it to grow your own vegetables and plants.

  • Your shed is a great, accessible place to store gardening equipment and create an indoor greenhouse. Use your shed to grow your own vegetables.

10. Keep your items better for longer. Protect your items from the weather in a fully pressure treated building.

  • A workshop shed provides a dry area to keep your garden tools protected and stop them getting damaged.
  • A workshop shed lasts a long time and comes protected from rot and fungal decay.

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