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During winter, we tend to spend more time in the house keeping warm than in the garden, which can leave the household feeling cramped. Project Timber provides a great range of fully insulated garden rooms for all year round use. Investing in an Insulated garden room is a great way to enjoy your garden and […]

Top 5 Winter Garden Room ideas

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Having a Man Cave in your garden is a great way to create a dedicated space for fun, relaxation, entertainment and hobbies that everyone can enjoy. Having fun at home is important, so here are some ideas for Man Caves to create a fun space for any gender, age and person to enjoy. There are […]

Man Cave Ideas

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Winter is approaching fast and it’s time to get your garden shed prepared for the colder and wetter months. Damp proofing your garden Shed, Summerhouse or Workshop will help to stop moisture from damaging the fabric of your building and project your belongings inside. Regular Maintenance Make sure your Shed is well maintained all year […]

How To Damp Proof Your Shed

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During the Pandemic, work from home has become more and more popular, with people having no choice but to work safely from home. This has had an impact on living space and peoples motivation. As people start going back to work, many employers are giving their staff the choice. If you are working from home, […]

Work From Home Ideas

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Having a bar in your garden is becoming more and more popular, and there are lots of great reasons as to why! They provide a great entertainment source for having friends and family over, and can also increase the value of your house, as well as being enjoyable and useful for yourself. How to make […]

Garden Bar Ideas

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Having a healthy, beautiful garden to enjoy can transform the feeling of your home and make it more appealing to sell if you are in that position. It is important to maintain your garden so that it does not become overgrown. Here are some of our top tips for looking after your garden. Keep it […]

How to look after your garden

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Preparing your Garden for winter can be a substantial task, so we’re going to give you tips and tricks to make it easier. Keeping your garden well maintained throughout the year will benefit it when the summer months arrive and you are able to enjoy it in the pleasant weather. Clean up rotting and dead […]

Preparing Your Garden For Winter

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You can’t beat home grown vegetables! Having a garden shed is a great way to organise your hobby and keep healthy. Use your garden shed as a dry, secure storage space for your garden growing tools, as well as a growing area for various vegetables. The easiest garden vegetables to grow are: Tomatoes – They […]

Easy Garden Vegetables To grow

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1. Clear the surroundings from debris. Keeping the surroundings clear and maintained will help protect your building from rot and decay. Be sure to remove any soil or plants from around the base. Clean off dirt and plants that will hold moisture to the surface of the wood, which could lead to rot and fungal […]

Top Tips for maintaining your garden shed!

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1. Storage Space Have a tidier house and garden Keep your belongings safe and secure One of the best ways to use your garden shed is for storage space. Whether it is clearing out belongings in the house for extra living space or tidying up your garden belongings to keep them in a dry and […]

5 Ways to use your Garden Shed

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1. It’s all about the base A solid level base is required for your shed before you begin assembling it. Level paving slabs make a great choice if you are on a budget and have DIY skills to create it. A concrete base with sufficient drainage is an excellent choice for larger buildings as it […]

How to Assemble a Shed

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1. Have your own workspace in your garden, away from distractions Having your own separate space helps keep noise levels away from your house Add double glazing for an even quieter place to work 2. A perfect place for DIY enthusiasts or hobbyists Save money by being able to work on your own projects yourself […]

Top 10 reasons for a workshop shed

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When it comes to buying a garden shed or summerhouse, there are different roof styles to choose from. It is important you choose the right roof style for your garden building requirements. An Apex roof gives you more headroom in the centre but less at the eaves. They are commonly used for a workshop, with […]

Apex VS Pent Shed

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1. Cheaper than renting an office Save money on monthly office rent Finance options available to spread the cost If you are currently renting office space you will know about the high costs and bills that come with it. If you are looking for a way to save money on office space, then a garden […]

Top 10 reasons to have a garden office

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1. Spend more time in your garden Shelter from the heat Your own private space Enjoy your garden in comfort Enjoy more time in your garden, providing a sheltered area to enjoy your garden, away from the heat or rain. Summerhouses are versatile rooms to be able to enjoy your garden throughout the summer months. […]

Top 10 reasons To buy a Summerhouse

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Treating yourself to a summer house is a great way to enjoy the summer months in classic british style. You can use them to add extra space to your home, a place to relax or a place to entertain. Here at Project Timber we offer a great range of summerhouses, take our Cannes Summerhouse for […]

The Cannes Summerhouse Blog

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The My Den Work from Home Garden Office To check the My Den click here At Project Timber we offer unique home garden office for customers to create their perfect work from home space. Working from home is becoming more and more popular with companies changing the way their employees work since the COVID pandemic. […]

The My Den Work from Home Garden Office

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How to Assemble a Garden Building Assembling a garden building doesn’t need to seem like a daunting task. It is really part of the experience where there is nothing more satisfying than creating your own building that you can enjoy with your own skills. Of course, there are details that need to be considered before […]

Assembling a Garden Building – What you need to know – 100% go to guide on how to build a garden building

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