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Timber Garden Shed Buying Guide

Garden sheds are one of the most versatile aspects of any garden. Not only do garden sheds complement your garden in an aesthetic sense, but they also have a variety of uses. For example, you …

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Dip Treated vs. Pressure Treated Sheds

Buying a garden shed can be a challenging endeavor. How do you know which brand is the best? Which size should you choose? What type of cladding should you pick?   Though the above issues are important …

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Your Guide to Pressure Treated Lumber

So, you have a big garden project to complete, and you're shopping online for the lumber you need to get the job done. You notice as you peruse website after website that you keep running into …

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Advantages of Pressure Treated Sheds

.author, .date {display:none;} The process of pressure treating timber To some, pressure treating timber is akin to creating a work of art. There are multiple steps, each precise, but the result is a high-quality product that lasts …

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How to Choose a Garden Shed: The Ultimate Buying Guide

.author, .date {display:none;} How often do you think about sheds? There’s a good chance that you’ve thought about investing in a shed once or twice, but the thought quickly left your mind. If you have gardening …

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